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In my old age I  have fulfilled my lifelong dreams to write about my experiences. I now have a trilogy of published memoirs which show how life repeats itself.
Now my ambition is to share those writings with today’s readers, because reading about my early problems can help people cope with their own.
I know you will enjoy reading about the events of my life and want to talk about  my books to others.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and followers. It's hard to believe that I've enjoyed my 100th birthday last month and am still involved with life.

Having spent the last decade writing three memoirs about the main events of my life in the 20th century,  I'm now involved in efforts to share those stories with all the generations that have followed mine. Because those monumental events changed the world, and those stories help clarify their effect on  the people who are now creating their own histories.

Each day there are fewer people left to tell about what it was like to experience them. Soon we leftovers of those times will be gone too -- but we hope our memoirs will still be telling our tales to all the children and grandchildren who read our histories.