Monday, April 28, 2014

After over 90 years it's still a good story. When I was a little girl sitting on Papa's lap, I played with his mustache and fingers. I often noticed that his right thumb had a sharp ridge. "Why is your thumb so funny?" I asked him and he said, "That is what kept me out of the army. You can't be a soldier if you can't pull the trigger on your gun." Many Jewish boys did such things to avoid having to serve 25 years in the Russian Army. You may read more such stories in my memoir "Weather of the Heart."  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back in Business

Once again I've neglected keeping up my blog, due to disappointment with all my efforts to create an effective connection with people who read books (or the new substitutes thereof.) But by now I've found some help from people who are not computer ignoramuses like me. So there is new hope.

My books are now available as E-books, as well as on my website and The three memoirs are receiving reviews. which I hope will create interest among booklovers. I want to share my life while I am still living it, for it has much to help today's young adults understand their world, which evolved from mine.