Friday, May 2, 2014

The Complications of Blogs.

I was led to believe that Blogs are designed to simplify your life; yet every time I try to write in mine it only complicates mine. Yesterday I wanted to write a new post (Is that what each new entry is called? It doesn't sound right somehow.) and I couldn't find the orange pencil, so I gave up.  Today I was looking for something else on Google, and suddenly my blog popped up, pencil and all. Now I have to post one, not to waste the opportunity. But I feel as though my blog is controlling me, not the other way around, as I assumed it ought to be.

Probably some of my problems are caused by my age. In many ways I feel that I don't really belong to the current culture. Rapidly approaching my hundredth birthday in October, I have no sense of being at home in the current world of communication. So many channels are available to me that I am lost in their midst. So many people seem to claim my friendship or my attention or my experience -- some of them are already familiar -- old friends,former schoolmates and workmates, even my own family members -- while crowds of strangers turn up unexpectedly, asking me to 'friend' them or 'twitter' them or any other new kinds of relationships. And in the middle of my efforts to reply, the screen changes to some new program or offering and I lose what I've composed.

Oh, for the simple life of my youth! I remember so many advances which we all welcomed with delight, so obsolete now that it's hard to remember life without them. Yet that life was so much easier to live. How to find the happy medium between yesterday and tomorrow?